25 NB Top Mounted Filter Multiport Valves


Valve Size 25 nb
Usage/Application Filter
Material PP, PTFE and ABS
Color Black
Adapters Size 2.5″
Type Top Mounted

Multiport valves are used primarily to simplify pipe and valve systems by replacing multiple two-way valves and automation devices with one multiport valve. Multiport valves minimize dead legs, optimize drain ability, simplify system validation and provide a reduced envelope profile for easier installation and safer operation in constrained spaces.

Customized configurations for complex challenges minimize system welds and their associated quality problems. They reduce the risk of leak paths and solve space constraint problems.

Our designed multiport valves are easy to operate and provide excellent sealing capability for multiple applications.

A multiport valve has a rinse setting which is basically a filter to waste setting that runs the water forward through the filter and then sends it to the waste line so that any debris that may have collected is not sent back to the pool.