Water ATM

The Water ATM is an innovative concept brought forward by the Public Health Engineering Department, is capable of dispensing normal & chilled drinking water. It dispenses 1 litres, 2 Ltr and 20 Ltr as per requirement.

SAMR WATER ATM water purification and dispensing system is designed to increase accessibility and ease of use for water purification systems in remote areas. This is achieved by using solar energy, which powers the device for 48 hours once fully-charged. 

Additionally, It is incorporated to control functions, including monitoring water quality, water treatment and cleaning, which reduces the need for manual maintenance. 

Increasing pollution has made water unfit for drinking. Thanks to water vending machines, this problem is solved to a large extent. It is an honest initiative in this field and provides the drinking water at a fraction of cost. It is the best water vending manufacturer in India and is on a mission to provide clean drinking water to everyone.

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