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SAMR is leading manufacturer and supplier of spun filter cartridge, bonded  polypropylene  spun  filter  cartridge utilize  graded  density  media  that  is  well  suited  for  clarification  & pre  filtration  applications  where  high  particle  removal  is  essential from water. The   all-propylene   construction   provides   excellent   thermal   & chemical  compatibility  with  high  &  low  pH  chemicals.  Also  the graded  density  design  efficiently  captures  contaminants  throughout the   media   matrix   resulting   in   excellent   contaminant   holding capacity, increased lifetime & low pressure drop.

In  water  applications,  polypropylene  media  does  not  impart  taste, odor   or   colors   into   the   solution.   For   industrial   applications, polypropylene  offers  superior  chemical  resistance  and  is  not  prone to bacterial  attack. The thermal bonding process  of the media  eliminates the need  for  a core collapse. This process also greatly reduces fiber migration.

Spun  Bonded  Cartridges  can  be  used  either  as a  pre-filter  or  final  filter  for  industrial, chemical  process,  pharmaceutical,  food/beverage,  cosmetics,  water  and  other  applications.  Spun  cartridges  are  available  in  a  wide  range  of  lengths  and  micron  sizes.  Two sizes are available-standard and jumbo as per your flow rate and volume requirements.

Polypropylene fibers are blown continuously on central molded core, without any binders, resins or lubricants. The Micron rating is controlled accurately and standard test is conducted in our Laboratory for confirmation. Bubble point test is carried for confirmation. Polypropylene spun cartridges are made from Food grade. The Spun cartridges are even called Depth Filtration .


  • High flow rates and low pressure drops
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Particles removed throughthe entire depth of filter cartridge.
  • Graded density structure for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • Supported core for overall strength???Thermal bonding process stops media migration
  • Contains no resin binders, solvent ,wetting or antistatic agents


  • Micron Rating : 1, 5, 10,20
  • Length : 10, 20, 30,40 (Custom Size available)
  • Inner Dia : 28 mm
  • Outer Dia for slim : 60-64 mm
  • Outer Dia for jumbo size : 100-110 mm
  • Max operating temperature : 80 ?? C
  • Max Differential Pressure : 3-4 bar (50 psi) @ 21 deg C
  • Filter media: 100% Polypropylene fiber
  • Support media: Polypropylene fiber
  • Inner core: Polypropylene cage

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