Membrane Housing

SAMR membrane pressure vessels are manufactured by computer controlled filament winding machine and associated high precision processing equipment. With a team of skilled technical experts in the field of computer controlled machines, and with all the state-of -art processing machines in-house, SAMR offers a range of high quality membrane housings in various colors including white, blue and grey as per customer’s choice.

Salient Features:

  • Available in End Port and Side Port configurations.
  • Internal diameter is mirror finished to a tolerance of ±0.1mm facilitating easy loading & unloading of membranes.
  • External surfaces are highly polished & coated with high-gloss polyurethane paints for UV resistance & excellent aesthetics.
  • End Cap assembly comprises of a single piece moulded seal plate, a unique high quality seal ring, a heavy duty aluminium bearing plate and a 3 turn stainless steel locking ring. This unique design facilitates easy removal and insertion of the end cap without any special tools, making it very user-friendly.
  • Permeate Port comprises a standard 1” half union . Other options of 1 1/1" BSP(M) threads and 1" BSP(F) threads are also available. (NPT threads provided on request).
  • 8" membrane housings are available from 1 element to 8 elements with pressure ratings of 250psi, 450psi, 600psi,1000psi and 1200 psi.
  • All models are supplied with saddle and SS straps.
  • Victolic couplings available on request

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