Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant

Shallow Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant is specially designed for the hand pump to remove chemical contamination, turbidity, foreign particles from feed water. This plant is ideal for commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

  • Iron Removal plant for hand pump is mild steel fabricated rugged filter vessel filled with Iron removal resin. The inner wall of the IRP is given anti corrosive rubber paint. It is fitted with a 3 way valve and has inlet and outlet connection as in the photograph.
  • Water from the hand pump is passed though the inlet of the IRP. The water passes through a bed of Iron removal resin where Iron content is removed and Iron free water flows out, through the outlet. After a period of time the resin gets saturated and has to be regenerated. This regeneration process is done by just backwashing and without addition of any chemicals.
  • The three way valve is changed from filter position to backwash position. Now the hand pump is pumped and the water flows in to the IRP but in the opposite direction. Now all the accumulated Iron in the media will get washed off and will pass to the drainage. Once the water coming out of the IRP is clean then it is understood that all the iron content is removed. Now the resin is ready for the next operation. Turn the 3 way valve to filter position and continue to get iron free water.
  • The interval between the backwashing will be dependant on the iron content in water. It is generally recommended to backwash once everyday for about 5-10 minutes.
  • This IRP can be installed near the existing hand pump on the hand pump platform and can be connected with existing hand pumps using GI pipes an fittings.