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SAMR is a CSIR approved fluoride removal plant manufacturer and supplier in India, we supply an excellent quality range of fluoride removal water treatment plants. We are the one-stop solution for all your requirements, necessities including new machines, spare parts, machine services, and any other. We manufacture hand pump and power pump model fluoride removal plant equipment with different specifications.

If you are searching for a premium fluoride removal plant price affordably in India, we are the best manufacturer in providing you with fluoride removal water treatment plant equipment without making any compromise on their quality.

The fluoride removal system works with an adsorption method in which the fluoride present in the underground water gets absorbed by Fluoride removal resins.  On depletion of the resin bed, it is regenerated with PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) solution. Excess fluoride in drinking water will lead to dental or skeletal fluorosis, damaging the bones and joints. When the fluoride-contaminated water flows through the bed of the media, the fluoride ions in the water get exchanged in the media, and fluoride-free water is released. This media after its capacity is exhausted, has to be regenerated with 3% NaOH.

As the best manufacturer and supplier of No.1 water disinfection solutions in India, we provide top-notch, energy-efficient, and long-lasting Fluoride Removal Plant anywhere and anytime in India. Our manufactured types of fluoride removal water treatment plants include power pump models and hand pump model filters.

Owing to their excellent performance, less operating cost, and huge power consumption, these equipment are highly compatible for the massive removal of fluoride and thus hugely demanded in various industries sectors. We are the best in supplying quality Fluoride Removal Plant systems with the most reasonable cost with greater efficiency.

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