Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

We produce coconut shell activated carbon for a wide range of industrial applications, including gas and air cleaning involving traditional reusable substance (solvent) recovery applications. Heightened environmental awareness and the enactment of strict emissions guidelines have led to the development of new applications, most notably in the area of air pollutant removal.

Our carbon is also being used to an increasing extent in the treatment of water, including drinking water, ground-water, service water and waste water. Its primary role in this context is to adsorb dissolved organic impurities and to eliminate substances affecting odor, taste and color in hydrogenated hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants. Yet another broad field of application for activated carbon is the treatment, purification and decolonization of liquids, which is of particular importance in the pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and other allied industries.

Coconut shell has emerged as one of the best forms of activated carbon for water filtration needs. Compared to the other types of activated carbon, the coconut shell charcoal has more surface area and higher density of micro-pores. It has higher porosity than most of the popular activated carbons. It even has 50% more micro-pores than the coal based activated carbon. Which is why it is considered as one of the best materials for water filtration as it can adsorb volatile organic chemicals, and other contaminants that are hard to remove.

If you compare the water purity of different types of activated carbon then the coconut shell offers the purest water after filtrations. This ability comes from the fact that it has more micropores. Which means it can attract a wide range contaminant from small to large. It can adsorb a huge amount and variety of contaminants including organic chemicals and gases. Lack of leaching too makes it an effective method of water purification.

The coconut shell activated carbon for water purification is one of the most effective methods of all. The charcoal made from the coconut shell is of high-quality, effective and environmentally-friendly. Using it can help industries achieve their goal of sustainable growth. There are numerous benefits and advantages of using the carbon charcoal made from the coconut shell. Which makes it one of the best options for water purification.

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